Kimi to Boku season 3 (You and Me 3) release date

Kimi to Boku season 3 (You and Me 3) release date

I don’t intentionally ignore anyone. Their words simply don’t resonate with me. -Asaba Yuki

Well, this anime is one that you would recommend to an anime-beginner. This was on the top of the list of my most awaited anime of Spring 2012. A.K.A. You and Me 2, for those who haven’t watched the 1st season, please make sure you watch it first and start this awesome series! It revolves around five male friends, they are: Shun, Yuuta, Yuuki, Chizuru and Kaname. 

Happiness and tears almost fell when I finished the first season. It felt like waiting for centuries for a second season. So when I was that it was alrealy showing, I instantly downloaded them; I don′t wanna watch ONLINE, the buffer′s taking FOREVER to load >.> You know how annoying that could be. Come on, all of us know the struggle. *otaku hug*

Back to the topic, while I was watching the show, it’s like my heart’s beating fast with each scene. I actually tear up so many time watching this show (It can drive you very emotional) just because of how it is simply beautiful and appropriate. It is very relatable. The show really doesn’t develop, anyway, or have some outbreak of events and I think that makes it relaxing to watch. Just a lot of jokes, relaxation and good times.

The art, however, is the same as 1st season. The approach of animation of the new opening song is very similar to 1st season one. WHICH IS SOMETHING I LOVED SO MUCH. The new ending song, however, focuses on the main 5 characters doing funny random face expression and other things. Kawai, though. I am very happy they kept the original OST from the 1st season. 
Even though the Comedic effect can only be considered as ‘light’ – it still is great. These five males complete my day and make everything good. They’re my life!

I am still hoping to see more episodes and I really do hope they will stay bffs no matter what happens. 

I hope this gets a third season!