Kill me Baby Season 2 Release date

Kill me Baby Season 2 Release date

Honestly, the first thought when I watched this anime is: wow. JC Staff improved, finally.
I am not that impressed, though, because this is very generic. But the way they presented it is what makes it stand out among the modern B-Type Moe anime they produce.
The plot synopsis isn’t bad, the main problem is that it ain’t something new at all. It comprises of utterly funny but stupid highschool girl, a serious girl and a ninja. With that said, it is a random gag show, it follows the everyday life of the lassies and the most random things that happens to them while in the school and outside of it. Of course, this type of anime is very common, if you are not a first timer otaku. 
Like what said at the start, being a comedy, the satisfaction part is something that will vary a lot from one to another. The jokes and entertainment ain’t something everybody shares, for we have different humors. Perhaps, audiences of slice of life animes can like this show.

Overall, Kill me Baby is far from being a bad anime, but it isn’t something fresh nor something excellent to be noteworthy of. Don’t expect anything, seriously, as it seems to be targeted on the young audiences.

This though, has a slim chance of getting a second season, since it didn’t have enough support.