Dance with Devil Season 2 Release Date

Dance with Devil Season 2 Release Date

I have watched millions of anime. Mathematically not millions but I can’t count how many I have watched. Out of those millions, there are only few that I can say that falls as a complete package. I know, that it is not easy to create an animation content but it is rare to find an anime that will vacuum you into watching it over and over again. I can name one, that’s Clannad. 

I read the first pages of Dance with Devil’s manga. Was it fun to read? Nah, to be honest the manga Dance with Devil -Blight- is never the same as the anime. The manga focuses more on the characters, while the anime definitely stuck on what it is suppose to do, to promote the game. Well, I can’t compare both to be exact since the manga would still need a long run before it catches up to the animated content. For now, let’s focus on what we have.

If you’re a gamer then you would know by just watching this anime that it would have a game adaptation. It was very easy to predict on the pilot episode, the background music on the first fight scene is pretty much like playing Castlevania. I don’t know if the soundtrack is the same but somehow I felt like playing the game. Maybe because the plot revolves around vampires.

 If I were to be asked if this anime deserves a second season, I would answer yes. For me, this one is almost a complete package but I won’t watch it again unless it gets another shot on the anime screen. The ending of the first season is very tear-jerky, the music is just too much and the feels would make you get into the scene. 

 If you’re a hopeful fan wishing for a season 2, always remember not to lose hope since the ending clip told us that the story is not yet over. Pretty much, the first season was never finished. LOL! Let’s just wait for Brain’s Base announcement, also pray for the success of the game adaptation.

I would like to give credits to Mister Ai Yoshimura, he’s indeed a very talented anime director.