Chitose Get You!! Season 2 Release Date

Chitose Get You!! Season 2 Release Date

We are always told that nobody is ever perfect. Well, this quote actually suits the anime business. Some animes are just not that good – admit it. Also, there are animes that aren’t satisfied with being bad. Then you’ll conclude that maybe, the creators hate their jobs. Maybe they wanted to piss some people off.

On the other hand, there are also animes that when you watch it, all you’ll think and/or say is: THIS. IS. PERFECT. But this is not where Chitose Get You!! belongs. It belongs to the second group I mentioned – not satisfied with being bad. Forgive me for my harsh words, but if I can compare it to one thing, it’s all garbage.

There are quite a few things that make up such a terrible show. Let’s try to look technically:
First, the animation. It is by all ways terrible. It’s barely even animated, like WTH can you include some details please? Can anything be worse? You can actually count the number of individual frames per episode on a hand. Status: super pissed!

Honestly, if it is a 3 minute per period gag show, we should see some jokes to be at a reasonable pace, right? Right?! But this show somehow manages to be not funny. Great. A gag show that isn’t funny. That’s what we have here. *slow clap

If you are planning to waste your time, watch this. If you are planning to piss your friends off, tell them that there’s an incredible show dubbed Chitose Get You!! and prepare to lose your friends.
Sorry for the long rants, I just can’t imagine that this lasted for 26 episodes?!!

Above all, if you are wondering, it has a small chance of getting a second shot. You know why? Read the whole article again. Lmao.