Black Rock Shooter Season 2 Release Date

Black Rock Shooter Season 2 Release Date

Being a teenager is hard. It has lots of ups and downs, we had all gone through that. But people say, if you are in 30’s, you’ll eventually want to go back. 

Teenage life is when you face the world full of dramas and adventures. This is when you will find yourself unconsciously being in love and being deeply loved. Black Rock Shooter’s season 1 is sort of the same as what life conveys.

Black★Rock Shooter is a girl with jet-black hair, punkish fashion and a strikingly blue, glowing eye. She was my ideal self, though. I really liked her fashion.

In another world a middle-school student, Mato Kuroi, is drawn to Yomi Takanashi, her classmate with not-so-usual family name. Suddenly, life happened and opportunity open ups, two of them with one favorite book. They came over to Yomi’s house. Then suddenly Kagari Izuriha, a girl in wheelchair, which is Yomi’s bestfriend. Let’s go straight to the highlight of this show, the different worlds of Mato and Black★Rock Shooter is the story of their struggle. I do not want to spoil you. Watch it and you’ll find out why.

The suspense – it got my heart dropping. What was going to happen? In what ways these two girls are related to the story? I always wonder. 

However, this show interesting characters and wide plot line that I loved and I surely know you will. When it comes to the art for me, it has excellent effects and detailed animation, the use of the CGI in this anime contributed so much. It was excellent in 2D and 3D! I loved it so much!

Well, I’m not so disappointed on watching this anime because for me it’s a good story, the fight scenes are outstanding but I won’t ignore the fact that some people might not like this, since we all have different tastes. Unfortunately, for us lovers of this show, sad to say this anime has a thin chance of getting a second season because of its low ratings.