Arcana Famiglia Season 2 Release date

Arcana Famiglia Season 2 Release date

Considering it was centered on a dating sim visual novel for girls, I was amazed at how they made a show like this. The goodness of the art and animations were good, the story is interesting. Most importantly, the characters are charismatic.

Let me say that I don’t  hate Arcana Famiglia. It’s just that I hate the payoff I got for watching it. Which was absolutely NULL.

The entire series seems like a acompetition that has been set to decide who will be the new leader of the Family and marries the boss’ daughter.

In the first episode, you get some immediate development in the relationship between father and daughter plus daughter and coworkers. Interesting, for me. To add, there are some nice powers beused. used So, when the series starts, you know where some people stand and how things are going to go.

The only thing is, it never goes where you expected it to be.
Arcana Famiglia gives you the build for this competition that’s soon to take place. Every episode is wasted on character growth and character contact, though. You see everyone’s past and even find the origin of the family. For a build-up, this is great, because you get to know them at least, so you won’t be lost when the fighting starts. But the bad thing is..

The fighting doesn’t even start. Ever. Lmao.

Watching the entire series would be worth it if it led to some awesome fight and a justifying conclusion. But.. Neither happens. All of the action are hopped and the powers aren’t used on any further than episode one. Like wth. They’re explained, but I still am confused cause they aren’t prolonged on. So I guess this has a slim chance of having another season.