Ano Natsu de Matteru season 3 release date

Ano Natsu de Matteru season 3 release date

Moving on is not that hard, the one that is stopping you is the memories and all the hurt engulfed inside you. Is it really that hard to move on? We’ll find out in this anime. 

Taking place two years after the events of the main series, finally, after a long wait, a season 2! The show gives a glimpse of where they ended up after those events.

Everyone’s doing well, have moved on and have repaired their relationships while my love, Kaito, recalls about the events from that summer. Well, however, the show does not travel the new relationships he has in the past two years, except for some episodes.

I was not satisfied though, because Kaito had been removed from the heated conflicts of the original series. Plus, the OVA, sadly, did not explore his character further. In that sense, the Kaito seen in the special, may be no thing different from who he is 2 years ago. 

Maybe the bad side of this special is the final minutes where repetitive of what happened in the last season. A subtle hint or implication that Ichika can come back to Earth. While we now know for certain she comes back to Earth, it was something viewers already knew. Like hell, nothing here was new info. Nothing’s shocking. And it was shown in the similar way as before! It doesn’t create the heartfelt feeling like in the original ending because we already knew all of this. Yes. Personally I am upset there wasn’t a great scene between Kaito and Ichika. 

A huge problem here, though, is that we already know the ending. It should and must be able to show the conclusion in a different way. You gemme?

A reuniting scene instead, would have been a simple and real way of doing it,  I suggest. It takes what viewers already know and gives proper closure. The last few episodes being all sweet was good to see, so there’s no cause to not put that in this special.

For those expecting the justified closure on this teen lovestory you’ll be deeply disappointed. It doesn’t add anything new between the main couple, sometimes dull and actually explores more on its side characters. With that, it is almost impossible for this to have another shot – a third season.