Agami SS+ Season 3 release date

Agami SS+ Season 3 release date

Of course, all of wants a justified ending for every show we watch.
We are not satisfied with they-lived-happily-ever-after endings.

We wonder, how happy is happy? How long is the “ever after?” Amagami SS+, the upshot to the school-romance anime, Amagami SS, gives its audience a comprehensive view of the everyday lives of the six heroines after the conclusion of the first season. Are they happy or are they not? How long did the “ever after” last? Not much has transformed in between seasons – artwork, characters and staff all remained more or less the same – so the fan base of the series will undoubtedly still enjoy this sequel. With that, although Plus is a continuation, having knowledge of the first season is not necessarily required as the basic idea of the story can be clasped quickly.

My otaku soul fell in love with the Amagami SS+ Plus series. Everything was perfect! Let me start off with its story. The story, itself, is pretty much cliché. But I can’t blame anyone. The series is based on a dating sim. A hurting event in the past like that has perhaps been used before in other dating sim/anime. I do find each of the story arcs to be dreamy, cute and sweet. The show is pretty light and a slice of life on the heart and it doesn’t cause much heart-breaking feels.

My favorite protagonist is Kaoru. Rihoko, though, adorable for me. She’s innocent and straightforward and has a big appetite. Kaoru, I see myself in you, cause you’re naughty but also very hardworking.

Overall, if you ask me, this is an enjoyable anime. Cuteness everywhere. no heavy drama but definitely not boring, and I guess that make romance animes more satisfying, right? In this show you’ll prolyl enjoy each charac’s own stories that are pretty unique from one another. 

Being a fan of Amagami SS, I, of course, enjoyed this sequel. Seeing my favorite Amagami girls on action again was a heaven. 

I think it’s safe to conclude that this, sadly, is going to be the last of Amagami SS, in terms of TV series. It’s been a noble 38 episodes and I’m satisfied with how things went.