Accel World Season 2 release date

Accel World Season 2 release date

A major problem of the schools worldwide is bullying. Why’d we say so? Because it comes in many forms, physical, verbal, emotional, or online; One thing is common – it surely affects the victim negatively.

How about you? Have you ever experienced being bullied? Well, if you have, you’ll probably relate to our main kid in this anime.
We have this male lead that is a bullied chubby little who’s one of those spikey haired shounen protagonists. He spends his time usually buzzing about his condition, wishing he could just disappear into this videogame world. That’s his life. We are supposed to feel sorry for him (lmao), actually, so forgive me if that comes off as false when he already has two friends, one of whom is a cute girl who makes him lunch every day. 

The pace was awesome. Eyes were everywhere, no matter where the main character goes, somebody is around him. Since Haruyuki is a loser, he really loathed to be around people, in short- he’s Antisocial, although most people weren’t just really noticing him. This could be the one of the best ways to tell us that our main character is a complete loser (lol) in the real world but he is great in video games and such.

Main character’s skill at this computer game results in the cutest girl in the school being in love with him, and, miraculously, giving him magical powers. Absurd right?! He now has to compete in games wherein if he wins, he gains additional points in exams and a whole bunch of other stuff. What would school feel like when you are him! How lucky.

But ooh, does it cost a price? Sadly, yes, if he loses, he’s no longer part of the game! So, does he get disengaged from the entire network? Let me spoil you. NO.

It didn’t seem like nothings gonna happen to him. But really, nothing did. 

However, the outcome of what happens to him is he no longer has bullies after him, he keeps his old friends, and he had a vague battle with the prettiest girl in school. 

This has been a good journey. There are just some otaku moments wherein you wish you could jum into the screen, and be eventually a part of their world. Ugh. I hope this gets a second season!