Non Non Biyori Season 3 Release Date

Non Non Biyori Season 3 Release Date

Above all, my favorite genre is slice of life. A touch of everyone’s life is indeed the best genre for me. Not because it is covering real life status but because it goes over realization. Realization in a way that this genre leaves you a picture of what is happening on this part of the world of somewhere else. Slice of life gives us good view on everything. A manga, an anime, a light novel or whatever material it is from, for me the best genre is slice of life and that is the reason why I love Non Non Biyori.

When I came back from Japan this year, this is the first thing that I have gone looking for. A full package of the 7 volumes completed in both translated and raw form. I am not saying that this is my favorite anime simply because it went to my top list, it’s just that this was the only book series missing from my slice of life collection.

If we are going to talk about the possibility of a third installment, I think that would be a not good idea. I don’t know but my guts are saying that the second season would have a trailing 2nd OVA for the series. The contents remaining on the manga are not enough to fit another season. But since the original manga is still running on a monthly basis, then a fan should never lose hope. Maybe just like what happened on the second season, it took almost 2 years for a sequel. This time, it may take longer but it is worth the wait if an announcement will be made from the original writer or the anime producer of Non Non Biyori calling for a season 3.


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