Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

In every world, there will always be the good and the bad guys. Peace is never achievable. There will always be chaos around, watching your back while waiting for the right moment to stab you. That’s how everything in this world has been. But remember that not all the bad guys are really bad, sometimes they have to do things when they are cornered by those who are in the “good” side.

My first glance for the anime adaptation is that it is like Getbackers. I thought that the plot itself is the same with that said anime but I was wrong. The anime series is just like its original manga. Almost nothing is changed so if you’re a big fan of the manga who hoped for the animation then this is already a heaven’s gift for you. The drama, crime-busting, and action genre of this story pretty much ends the cut on the adaptation. It was portrayed well. I wish I could give commend to the director of the anime.

The original manga only has 7 volumes and it is still on a running format. I don’t know if the number of volumes would be enough to cover everything for a second season but I really hope that there will be one. It is not just me hoping for a season two yet I still wish that it will get promoted soon into a weekly-release manga in Japan. If ever that happens then chances will be more good for a second installment.

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