Aoharu x Kikanjuu Season 2 Release Date

Aoharu x Kikanjuu Season 2 Release Date

Let’s start this deathless death match.

Have you ever played paintball before? Or ever held a paintball gun? Or a game where you need shoot an objective for you to win? With or without experience, I am sure that it is really fun to play real-life shooting game with your friends. I do have some experience playing paintball with my students and most of the time I loses the match. Simply because I just scream and run while they chase me with their paintball guns.

Aoharu x Machinegun is not just an anime that is based from a sports. It is an anime that you will get hooked into while dreaming playing the airsoft game with your actual friends. From its action and full military concept, I hope that this anime would turn into a full-romance on its next installment.

Coming from a manga serialized by Square Enix, I wish that it will have some light to have massive manga orders and sooner be promoted into a weekly series. There have been speculations about the second season but I doubt that having very small number of volumes from its own original manga would drive it and be licensed from a season 2.


  1. I honestly love Aoharu X Kikanjuu. I can relate to the entire "Toy Gun Gun" team (personality wise) but mainly towards Hotaru. A second season is highly recommended in my opinion because 1.) Hotaru never said she was a girl 2.) Mattsun is falling for Hotaru.
    Please give this poor soul (aka me) a second season!

  2. I need more. This was so great, and as far as the manga goes it still isn't completed. It would be nice to have a second season on such a loveable anime/manga.

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