Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Season 2 Release Date

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Season 2 Release Date

From the first episode you might think that it’s another shoujo about a CRAZY boy getting dropped into a serious girl’s lap, and might lose attention. However I think Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is exceptional in that it doesn’t try to make its lead male into this aberrant boy who happens to be perceived wrong by all of his classmates, and is actually deep down a darling who is a hero with all of his ethics in the right place. In Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Haru (the male lead) is literally an almost sociopath, minus the fact that he hasn’t actually killed anyone, yet, and all of his colleagues have had the time to recognize this. Although there are quite of shonen that have made comedic use of following an “evil” negligent boy who has messed up morals like Beelzebub and kyou kara ore wa, it’s quite rare in shoujo and I think the story of Shizuku (the female lead) reaching out to this troubled boy (out of obligation at first) is sweet and also hilarious and worth watching.

The story is quite simplistic, but I didn’t really notice that much. In terms of art, often, art in shoujo has a particular style that is hard to transfer to anime effectively. However I think it’s obvious that this anime had the funds to make their art work well and there weren’t as many “chibi” + flowers scenes which are normally often present in shoujo, so it made this anime more truthful and watchable for me.

I gave the sound a high score because there are these “elegant” characters that go to a luxurious all boys school, and every time they show up/mess up/ do something inane it plays this classical music and its entertaining. (because of the lack of funding, it was correctly placed and super funny).
Shizuku is a girl that does nothing but schoolwork, which is naïve, though it possibly prompts several girls with maybe good but not perfect grades of themselves in high school, who might regret being too grave. Although if there’s no crazy aberrant beau around too vigor you into a recreational straining of activities, there is no crazy felonious beau around. (There wasn’t, in my case, for me, and I happen to be attending a respectable college, but like most girls I love to watch anime in which characters, who are also very similar to me, or only have one peculiarity because they are 2-D and thus easy to relate to, get to experience something more idealistic.)

I really like animes that are humorous and I tend to not like a shoujo except it’s stupid humorous in a decent way, I enjoyed this anime a lot, and I would recommend it to other people.


  1. Plz somebody tell me will there b any season 2 of tonari no kaibutsu-kun, coz I have been madly waiting for it since months……plzz reply.

  2. Plz somebody tell me will there b any season 2 of tonari no kaibutsu-kun, coz I have been madly waiting for it since months……plzz reply.

  3. They should make a season 2 starting off with the picnic that Shizuku promised with Haru!!! & the season 2 story revolves around Haru's father trying to make him go back home! Because there was an episode where Haru's brother saying if his father changes his mind the would take him by force or something ;-;

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