Robotics;Notes Season 2 Release Date

Robotics;Notes Season 2 Release Date


Robotics;Notes opened strong by asking some important questions, but unsuccessful at executing all of its ideas in a timely means. However I think this series has some saving graces that make it currently one of my favorites. I want to mention that this is an idea I have wanted to see executed for a long time.

The story had enough twists in the beginning that I held my trust in the writing even when I found it doubtful. My issue came from when the series began to suffer emotional whiplash. An episode can be very stirring or focus on romantic interests when there are bigger things at stake. I don’t absolutely mind the characters trying to find time to develop inspired in the midst of despair but mainly because Akiho is able to mostly remain inspiring through the complete show. The overview of the monopole was one I believed would be given more explanation, but I also wasn’t able to come up with a better solution either. I can accept it as being representative of a systematic gray area. What this show does is show a lot of theoretical technology, so thats what I accepted it as. You see a lot of questions asked involving technology that not only concern robotics but also augmented reality. Besides, what the story all leads up helps paint a better picture of what I personally believe to be the scheme theory painted by the overall speculate science series of visual novels, which seem to smear a very self-destructive depiction of humanity who is lead by governing bodies that do not want the average man leading scientific process. An overall paranoid portrayal that still somehow rings accurate to my core. But I hold hope because this anime validates a belief I share, and that is that giant robots, super heroes, and all things childish dreams are made of can save the world. Ultimately I was happy at the finale, but not 100%, due to some unavoidable flaws in the story, but very often I was left wondering “how could they get out of this” and being very scared of the foes and the condition at hand, and ultimately was uplifted by the ending, being exposed one somewhat happy possibility.

Another thing that held my interest was the art. While it looks rather ugly compared to other visual novels and anime by 5pb, it has its nice touches here and there and the CGI was nice at times and was mainly used well during the early episodes centering around the Robot Wars-esque battles. However, mainly it was the way they capture suspense stays just fantastic. This might be something to do with the writing, but it’s mainly the look of the scene where they try to make there mech walk for the first time gave an amazing sense of size, which also taken how significant the occasion was in the story. The character enterprises are good in all the ways they need to be for a realistic show but just be situated as good as Steins;Gate. Nice touches like the PokeCom pouches gave the characters and the world they live in an interesting look. The show creates a lot of technology for its universe, based on real world advancements, and shows them in use very well (a trait I hear it also shares with the game).

The only reason I am really rereading the sound so high is I think the sounds of the robots as well as the software used in the game had nice design, and because the series features some of my favorite anime music of the year it came out, a department 5pb. always does fantastically in. Powerful female vocals really set many of the tracks apart from other J-Pop tracks, especially Jungo Spectra by Zwei, the first opening theme.

There are loads of characters and while they are expressive they are not too visually interesting. Akiho as well as her relationship with her brother were my main reasons to watch the show at first, having a good back and forth and can be related to fairly well. The MC is pretty bland but he is supposed to be, this is based off of a visual novel. He displays the pro-gamer with a laid back attitude very well. The one with the most going on at first glance is Frau Kojiro, introduced later, who took over as my favorite. She may practically be another case of the otaku stereotype, but she is so unflattering that I enjoy her due to being not to much like other anime girls (although Tomoko comes to mind, however, Frau is way worse of and also more talented of an individual. Sorry Tomo, keep trying and don’t give up!). However she, like many characters, unfortunately took the back seat during the second half where the main characters and numerous new ones are elaborated on. Every character did get 15 minutes of fame, but there are just a few characters who I find boring, such as Junna, and many of the secondary characters in the 2nd act. Airi is also worth citing, her story really touched me, but then again I find her as moe’ Frau does.

I can’t talk about the villain(s) without spoiling, but that’s probably my main disappointment — we get no good villain. There is no good motivation for the wicked intent, and frankly, most fights amid good and evil just bore me; I prefer conflict among good-yet-flawed characters, quandaries that make me think. Don’t get that here. Oh, and I could’ve done without the parrot ex machina interference at the expedient moment; i really laughed — not what i should feel moved to do in a life-or-death situation.

Your end result is quite bearable, management raise some moments that worth it, even with all these snags is an interesting anime, with an attention-grabbing past, even if your left end that feeling of taking due some more.  I hope this gets a second season!!