K: Return of Kings Season 4 Release Date

K: Return of Kings Season 4 Release Date

After actualy watching this series, I asked myself, “What have happened?” followed by a “Why did I watch this?” LMAO.

Seriously though, art is probably the only (yep, ONLY) reason why you would watch this eye-candy of an anime. It’s so outstanding. The animation is so charming. The fight scenes are breathtaking (although few). The art is so meticulous. The colors are lively (but sometimes annoyingly too much). Character Designs are good. They fit each character’s behaviors. It really is a banquet for the eyes.

Although the notion of the anime was an absorbing one, the performance was not so well done. A lot of times I was jumbled by what was happening, with no real clarification afterward. The total story I understand, however little stuffs are left unspoken – anything about the monarchs really, their origin, very little is actually said about controls, how and why altered people have them, and so on. It left me with a gazillion queries and very few answers. The culmination is also a cliffhanger….sort of…which is always annoying if it is not followed up.

Despite some plot holes and unsolved wonders (like the whole Strain thing – why do we only encounter one? And why is she entirely unsolved?) I did enjoy watching K.

K was an engrossing and exciting ride for me, though. I really had no idea what to expect (as the synopsis didn’t give away a lot) but I wasn’t dissatisfied (until the ending). It may not be a really profound fetching story but the action scenes are really a display to observe, I’m glad I watched it for the art alone! Although there wasn’t much character growth or real.. Substance to each character, they stood best when interacting with one another, which really kept the show touching for me. And the mysteries surrounding each. Which were decently completed, but I feel like if they’d had extra time to give you a little more data on the characters then the world in over-all it may have been easier to connect.

I wander.

I think some people are still hoping for a fourth season! Hmm. There are slim chances, but, who knows?!