Jormungand: Perfect Order Season 3 Release Date


Jormungand: Perfect Order Season 3 Release Date

I watched both seasons! Uhm, in like.. er. 3 days! Yes, I didn’t sleep. It’s pretty interesting with all the gun fights and the cool circumstantial setting. It seems accurate, but don’t get too into it, because in the end, it’s all nonfiction. Lmao. </3

Don’t worry… The character development was the prize for the show. It’s not easy vending weapons, knowing that your life is actually on the line and that you are considered a dealer of death. Some arms dealers do for the money, some do it for the fame, but Koko does it for World Peace. Arms dealing might not be the extreme idea for world peace, and can be measured downright hypocrisy, but Koko’s work is based on necessary evil, where evil actions must be done into order for good to arise.

As for other character, Jonah, he travels and protects Koko with his lifetime, even yet his parents were killed by the very guns sold by arms dealers. It might be sardonic, but he does it as a martyr so others can live a better life, even though he hates wars, weapons, and arm dealers. Jonah and Koko might have contradicting beliefs, but they graft together for the improvement of others.

I also enjoyed the further types. It’s nice to know a girl who can buzz your ass like Valmet, who’s probably the creepiest and most physical imposing member of the group, but she does show some softness towards Koko, but no pity against men. The other characters like Lehm, Willie, Tojo, Lutz, and others all might come from tough backgrounds like special forces and secret groups, but they tend to grow on you as human beings.

Well, ss for the story plot, the first series (Jormungand) is like a disorganized of action and of the group’s adventure through the arms market. However, it’s this series that connects the dots and shows what Koko was plotting all along. I admit that I was confused what Jormungand had to do with the anime because it took all the way to the last couple episodes to know what Jormungand was all about.

Anyways, I must say the show is enjoyable due to the innovation and cooperation of the group to reach their goal. Also, the mixture of the undercover arms merchants and intellect groups teaches a lot about the felonious of arms swap and intelligence assembly, which some might be considered imaginary. Finish wise, I truly want the series to stay due to the underwhelming ending, but the manga is complete as well as the anime. But lol never lose hope. I want a third season! (even though there’s a slim chance. Lmao)