Ixion Saga DT Season 2 Release Date

Ixion Saga DT Season 2 Release Date

This has mysteriously been on my list of show to watch for like a while now. Having finished it, I would say it was a lot of fun! It’s nothing deep nor is it anything overwhelming, originally. It’s just fun. Fun can go a long way, we know it, though.

The art and animation are ordinary, though far from bad. The story is quite thin and basic. It rids on humor, some of which can be smash and miss. There’s a lot here that isn’t at all great. Nonetheless, I’d still give it an 8 just since the characters and the humor when it fixes work make it a silly, fun ride.

The characters here are quite affable. The main character is rather irritating at first, but he does seem to mature through it all and become progressively likable. His traveling buddies are more immediate. Princess Escarlate is ideally deadpan and comical. Her knight Sanglain is serious and easygoing, while still crazy enough to deliver good laughs. Mariandale is probably the best character the series has, having a great design, fun character and being at times a amazingly grounded and positive example of a transgendered character in a purposefully dumb shounen comedy anime. Rival Erecpyle and his minor team Incognito meanwhile offer big on comic damage and are always fun to watch. All the while the party comes across minor characters who are sometimes correspondingly crazy and fun. It’s an interesting cast.

The humor is center here, and as humor is a idiosyncratic thing, it’s what could potentially curtail satisfaction of the show. Ixion Saga’s humor is very stupid, irreverent and often immature. As audacious as it sometimes gets, it can be value quite a few good laughs if you’re willing to laugh at that kind of humor. Don’t go in imagining particularly smart comedy though. If you have no use for childishness and willful stupidity, you will not find anything of value here. For those of us who do enjoy watching something just kind of silly and dumb at times though, Ixion Saga is a solid and satisfying pick.

This is a comedy that’s assumed me lots of healthy jokes so far; I’ve viewed through half the episodes, and look onward to seeing what curve ‘balls’ are thrown at me then. Second season please!