Initial D Final Season 7 Release date

Initial D Final Season 7 Release date

I was not fond of cars. I mean, my grandpa and dad might be, but after watching this, I sort of liked them already.

Let me talk about this anime. First, I personally think that portions of the series may seem ridiculous, but the series does an outstanding job of making a good sense. Though some individuals prefer the story telling method of showing over telling, this series does a excessive job of making them go hand in hand. The explanations are technical but very necessary.

Takumi will be taking his last race as a street racer. His rival this time different. He is racing a co AE86 Trueno model driver, Inui Shinji. Also, he is younger than Takumi who usually tends to be the youngest in his colleagues. Takumi’s car is the hatchback model while Shinji has the sedan model. Racing goes, Shinji’s background will be shown and many characters return to see if Project D can become the greatest street racing team in Japan.

This was a blast. It is mostly focused on the race between Takumi and Shinji and how they compare and contrast as people along with their cars. It is also a great way to demonstrate Takumi’s development as a racer and also gives Shinji some fleshing out. Many of the characters that return give their input in what can happen giving them some kind of influence. It is very heartwarming.

Somehow, The explanations does a very, very, very excellent job of making everything make sense and not seem ridiculous. Mostly from Ryosuke and his team. The series does a very genuine job on how Takumi and Shinji’s hachi-roku models are different and are operative in rally racing (the sedan model) and circuit racing (the hatchback model).

Shinji is a very attention-grabbing character and I think he isn’t exactly an anti-Takumi, but like Takumi was formerly but just needed the development that Takumi needs. He has very fascinating similar qualities to him but some things that are altered which make him distinct. Granted it is very focused on the race, a lot is agreed and the series comes full circle in its own way, but can be exposed to a possible sequel. Also, the series finally explains what the D in Project D means and the meaning is what a good fraction of the fans have pondered since the beginning.

All in all, while the plot and character expansion still was not able to meet the high standard of Second Stage, Final Stage remains a visual treat with stunning, entrancing, real-world sounds. Fun fact, the races were all well-choreographed and filmed at the Gunma Sports complex. There is a certain element of realism that the first few stages didn’t have due to lack of technology, at the time, and lack of budget.

Any Initial D fan will rise Final Stage for what it is and look onward to other Initial D media that is set to be released over the following few years. For now, however, the story of Takumi and his AE86 has come to a expectable, but satisfactory end.  I do hope this gets a revenge, lol. Even though it may seem that it already done, we will never give up. Seventh season puh-lease!