Code:Breaker Season 2 Release date

Code:breaker Season 2 Release date


That is how I met this anime. I’ve never heard of it, yes, I had no idea about what’s going on, yes and there and so on…

After I have finished watching it, I must say, it was timeworthy! It has a good visual superiority, some nice characters (and in my case, I liked Ogami and Yuuki most, how bout you?) and nicely created battle scenes. They were all fascinating.
The poise and the vibrancy between the Humor, Action and a little bit of drama were done delightfully and surely kept the audience’s attention, during the anime, UPRIGHT. Ish.
I reminisced viewing the first few periods of Code:Breaker (together with some more anime PS: YES I WATCH A LOT. LOL) when it was still being aired like… uhm last year? I got curious since I thought, “Hey another super power-themed shonen anime! Great!” After watching those few episodes, I stopped watching it and simply waited for the series to finish since I got tired of anticipating for a new episode, which was released weekly.

While watching the last episodes of Code:Breaker, I got dissatisfied to this anime due to various reasons, but mostly I got disappointed because of the plot. CRAAAAP. Well, it started good, but how the series ended is just tasteless and generic. Very stereo-typical. Perhaps most of us (if not all of us, LOL) have already seen a story with a character divulging the good guys, working for the bad guy, and then in the end, fooling that bad guy. Then one day, he says that he has been in association with the respectable guys all along. We have those kind of clichés here. How about the Big Bad showing up after the bad guy gets beaten? We also have it here. The great performance made at the start of the anime was wasted by how they finished this series, which is generic and cliché-filled, and done in a foolish way at that.

Another thing here is the portrayal of, well, the characters, which doesn’t appear real and human enough for me. LMAO and it displays more as the series develops. Come on, somebody who actually IS evil doesn’t say he’s malevolent; rather, he would say that he’s the superman of justice (or a bit like that). Moreover that, there are also some conversations in this anime that I find strange and/or just simply incorrect. And being  a version of a manga, (I WAS A FAN OF THAT, THOUGH!) the series’ ending is rather questionable, since 1) the manga is not yet over and, 2) the reworked copy is strangely 13 episodes long, which is waaay too short. What I find erroneous about its finale is that it not ever left me wanting for further episodes.

With that being said, the show isn’t all bad points and no noble points at all. Just as I said previously, the way the story was offered in the start was great, with a convinced number of people with superpowers (named Code:Breakers) are working for the government to eliminate (i.e.; kill) people that the government sees as evil. The character enterprises are also great, although the project for the Code:Breakers have varying bits of bishounen-ness in them.
Even though this is so underestimated (considering my low ratings, lol), I honestly hope this gets a second season!