Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter Season 2 Release Date

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter Season 2 Release Date

I was never fond of autos, techie vehicles and such. It was a shock that I liked this anime so much! I bet everyone liked them too.

Vehicles with artificial intelligence for increased safety are what composes this anime! They are known as A.I. Cars, and they have transformed the automotive business. Special schools teaching kids to drive A.I. Cars have been conventional.

Kakeru Todoroki, a middle school student of Arcadia Academy, is beckoned by the school principal and given an A.I. Car with which to save humankind. The car, though, is actually also an altering robot known as Gyrozetter. When Xenon, a wicked association focused on world domination, rooted mayhem across New Yokohama City, Kakeru must collect the other “chosen motorists” forecast on the artifact known as the “Rosettagraph”, and end Xenon’s evil plans.

The main protagonist of the series, and the first of the six chosen drivers selected by Arcadia. A young carefree boy who was very polite,and never forgets smile and bow at whoever he encountered, although he regularly displays irresponsibility that nearly get him into trouble. Nevertheless, whatever he sees somebody in hazard, he would not think twice before whooshing to help, but when his friends were in deep danger, or if they were hurt in front of him, Kakeru sets his outbound personality aside and allow to run free his stifled abhorrence at his opponents. He usually uses the word depressingly as an adjective, much to Rinne’s dismay. His Gyrozetter, Raibird, uses a small weapon, named “Thunderclap Blade”, to bring raids at his enemies and usually uses assaults based on Japanese fighting moves, such as Lightning Slash, a plunging spasm. He has three Final Burst in the series

The opening is Let’s Go! by Masohiko Kondou, the first ending is Strobe and the second ending, used from episode 18, is One Step, both by TEMPURA KIDZ. The initial season started on 2 October 2012 and ended on 24 September 2013. However, the second season is still unidentified; there is a big opportunity this will have a sequel.