Senyuu Season 3 Release Date

Senyuu Season 3 Release Date

We were left off in that horrible cliff hanger in Senyuu and now we go right back on to the story!

This is a “short” anime as each episode is less than 5 minutes long. I didn’t think that an anime that’s so short could be this perfect and epic.

Basically, this anime is about the -so called hero- Alba, who never fails to remind us how insignificant he is as a main character. Ross, a knight, is the most sadistic and funny character in the entire anime. He’s always making fun of Alba and has the best lines ever. Foyfoy and the ‘adorable’ demon king is also a favorite.

In Senyuu we were left off with Alba still in prison with our Cinderella of love, Rudolph. The castle head maid, Ares. The princess, Hime and the blonde one, FoyFoy. While Ross was transported into a dimensional rift where Rchimedes, the first demon king, was sealed using Januar’s power with Ruki, our cutie demon. Michelajul, a masochistic cat. The over 100 year old witch, Februar Zwei and Januar himself with surprising guest, a hot headed red haired shounen hero.

Senyuu 2 given us with a more serious plot and tone then the first one and even contains death that the narrator himself can’t contain his surprise and fear.

No seriously though, it is still a comedy and should be taken as a comedy with 15 seconds of serious time that is ruined by their golden comedy.

This anime tends to make fun of the whole hero in anime and tends to ridicule other anime and does so in a hilarious way too. Despite being short, this anime delivers a enormous amount of comedy and pointless occurrences such that by the time it ends, you’re like “What the hell just happened?” or “That was quick!”

I seriously want more of those. I hope this gets a third season!