Recorder to Randoseru Fa Season 4 Release Date

Recorder and Randsell Season 4 Release Date

I’ll give you a quick heads-up: Two main characters, one a fifth-grade elementary schooler who looks like an adult, and a second-year high schooler (apparently) who looks like an elementary schooler, and is the older sister of the former. That’s all you need to know to understand this. HAHA.

In regards to the story, we continue to see Atsushi and Atsumi being victims of various misunderstandings because of their height. Season three people, you know the drill. However, and in a very necessary way, Mi decides to go a step further and stop using the extremely worn off jokes of Do and Re. So, even if people are still shocked with Atsushi and his seemingly dangerous behavior with ten year old kids, not only the police is already aware of him being a kid, but they’re also valuable allies in fixing misunderstandings, and from now on, recurring characters.

Then, what happens in the episodes? The truth is that de protagonism is very balanced between characters, and we see varied doses of Atsushi, Hina, Sayo, Take and Moriyama-sensei… but there’s always going to be a prominent character, and in this season, Atsumi has a greater role… and that means she’s victim of most jokes. This is partly thanks to the addition of two new characters: Makoto Kobayashi, a high school student almost as short as Atsumi, and Yoshioka, the basketball team aceā€¦ and little girl enthusiast. These two guys add lot of humor and funny moments to the series, and their inclusion was very, very necessary for the sake of, well, new situations.

Rounding up, things changed in Mi. The visual quality is absurdly low, that’s a fact. The orientation of the jokes also changed, with a special focus in Atsumi and her new stalker. This issue is more polarizing than the animation: you can dislike the new loli jokes, and conclude that this season is a failure in every aspect… or you can laugh at the new situations and enjoy the new characters (while, also, some old ones are more and better used). It’s on you, dear reader, if the changes are pleasing or not.

And that’s it, see you in the Second Season: Fa! (if that actually happens).