Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san season 2 release date

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san season 2 release date

Over-the-top crazy comedy with mermaids and actually a first anime where I don’t have to bother with writing a story summaries or re-write a synopsis. I’ll save you the reading and tell you straight away – there is no story. Everything you will see is just absolutely random set of scenes featuring mermaids and few other mythological creatures. 

It’s simple, it’s crazy and it’s funny as hell. Why? It’s easy to understand. Show relies on general “randomness n craziness” and fast paced, dynamical interaction between characters as a main fuel for humor.

Muromi-san on the Shore is a comedy in which the protagonist Takurou’s life is gatecrashed by the titular Muromi when he accidentally catches her whilst trying to fish. Over the course of the series Takurou meets more mythical creatures, all of which are drastically different to what he was expecting. 

The show is made up of 13 minute episodes, and this short length is definitely a good thing; it means that the pacing is fast and concise, which is perfect for the humour used. Additionally it means that the show cannot string out jokes so that they become dull and monotonous. With reduced time slot, there is only an opening, which is catchy, energetic, and crazy.

If it’s references something, it references a well-known myths or historical events general audience should be familiar with, instead of referencing thousands of other anime shows you maybe didn’t even seen. You can’t misunderstand what they are aiming at. You simply have to laugh…. well, that or feel embarrassed or bored in case you don’t like this particular comedy genre. Nothing more to add. 

Muromi-san on the Shore is a comedy and nothing more, so everything rides on how funny the jokes are. Whilst there are a fair few misses, the show is consistently amusing throughout its run, which will be more than enough to keep a smile on your face. That said, whilst amusing, only occasionally was it hilarious enough to evoke laughter. The gags are solid, but for a show that needs to rely so heavily upon its comedy they weren’t good enough to carry the show to higher heights.

Also, there will be many people who will not agree with the humour at all, in which case the show will be torturous to watch. After watching the first episode I would strongly recommend dropping it if you did not like what you saw, because it’ll only be more of the same style of humour. For most people though this will not be a problem, since the zany humour is incredibly accessible.

Overall, Muromi on the Shore is a show that will keep you well entertained, having some incredibly funny moments that will catch you off guard. However since it isn’t good enough to keep you laughing consistently, the show, whilst being entertaining, is nothing more than that. It may be a forgettable anime, but for what it’s worth it provided me with a great couple of hours of amusement. 

I demand a second season!!