Mushibugyou season 2 release date

Mushibugyou season 2 release date

So what will you do if insects came to knock at your door? Well, normally you’d call the pest control. But here’s the problem. These are not your ordinary insects. In fact, these are the type that will tear you apart and eat you alive. It takes more much than the pest control. Luckily, you can call upon a more reliant force known as the City Patrol, an elite unit of insect exterminators who are specialists in dealing with those pesky creatures. Mushibugyou was one of the rare action animes that the MC was not that too powerful and too weak either. The anime’s story lets the MC, Jinbei Tsukishima, too grow more powerful and wiser as the series progress.

As one of the lesser known series from the 2013 Spring lineup, Mushibugyou might of slipped under some people’s radar. In fact, I wasn’t aware of this show until a friend told me about it. No, it’s not because I hate bugs. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people hate them in real life as well but this series fits within more of the ‘underrated category. If the first episode doesn’t deter you from watching the anime, then that’s basically what you get. The first episode clearly sets the scene for the anime, and how it’s probably going to go. 

Anyways, it is adapted based off the manga known as Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyou. (take note that it is adapted from the alternate version of the Mushibugyou manga). Otherwise, the series stars Jinbei Tsukishima, a young man who becomes a new recruit of the City Patrol. The boy is inexperienced but joins the unit to honor his family and protect the people. 

The series takes place in an alternate Feudal Era Japan setting. Thus, expect some of the architectures’ designs to look like some of the more traditional style of Japanese culture. The country in which the series takes place at is simple though with no complex technology. Rather, there is a system where people tries to follow to maintain order. But then of course, that order is disturbed thanks to these monsters known as the Mushi, the giant insects as well as the antagonists of the series. They disturb peace and causes destruction. Now, who you gotta call? The Ghostbust- I mean, City Patrol. Lmao.

The anime let its characters to grow and to have a meaningful development. It’s quite rare, these days, to find an anime which all of its characters are growing together; not the typical anime in which the main character is only the one who’s getting stronger. The story is not confusing and not too predictable. Yay. But the only downside of this anime is that it doesn’t have a second season. I still hope it will have.