Kuromajo-san ga Toru!! Season 2 release date

Kuromajo-san gaToru!! Season 2 release date

The girl was calling Cupid and she accidentally called Gyubid, yeah really funny… lmao. From that day on, Chiyoko starts learning witchcraft from Gyubid, the self-proclaimed hottest instructor of the magic world. The training regimen is tough, and punishment for slacking is harsh. Fortunately, Chiyoko is able to keep her extra-curricular studies secret, aided by the fact that no one else can see Gyubid. This anime is just for fun, people shouldn’t watch if they’ll take it too seriously. I I had to write this for people to know that this anime isn’t so bad… It is a six minutes long (that’s one of the best parts).

Story in this anime is interesting; every episode (so far) was different in some way.Art is very good. You can watch this anime with some kid and he/she will laugh. Sound is good. I didn’t like it at first but now I listen to it almost every day.Characters are funny. I like Gyubid, she is a black witch but she’s still really fun, I laugh when I first saw her, and I didn’t know was she a female or male…yeah, kind of stupid of me.

I enjoyed watching this anime and I hope more people will start to watch it.

Anyway….this anime is special and you should start to watch it, you will like it….It doesn’t have big boobs or kissing scenes, but it has something special that will take you in childhood again. I hope this will get a second season.