Kakumeiki Valvrave season 3 release date

Kakumeiki Valvrave season 3 release date

Well, if you have seen Sunrise you must be familiar to mecha.

Let us discuss the positive point, shall we? Valvrave the Liberator did well in bringing the individual elements of action and mecha, they did well in the enjoyment of the series. 


 And then the negative point, many mecha seriesthat did a successful job to bring a well-oriented plot. While Valvrave the Liberator did a different thing, they put more action to the plot and abandoned the complexity of the plot which created a lousy storytelling. The other points we must know is a typical story opening that makes Valvrave lack of originality. It really makes this anime into a replica of the Gundam franchise. 

Well, we know Sunrise is a rich company. Therefore, it’s not strange that Valvrave got the animation that needed to make this anime beautifully standing in top of the world. It have a detail and pretty animation. Talk about high budget show…
And the sound settings is another good thing in this show, the opening song “Preserved Rose” sung by Nana Mizuki and T.M Revolution really got the beat. The seiyuu did a fairly well job.

Okay, if you expect a deep character in this anime, it means you choose the wrong door. First, we have our typical male hero,Haruto. He is a type of a heroic character that surrounded by two girls and one man (sorry). There is minor development that discovered within him (poor hero…). To make matter worse, he is stupid when it comes to romance. Next is the infinity number of the supporting cast that makes the entire cast too flat and flaw. 

The enjoyment of the series has just saved this anime from catastrophe, it is recommended for Mecha fans. If you look for deep character and a decent storytelling you come to the wrong place but if you interested in 24 minutes filled with action and a little fanservice, give it a try. At least it’s still enjoyable to watch. This doesn’t have a big chance of getting a third season, though.