Inu to hasami wa tsukaiyou Season 2 Release Date

Dogs And Scissors Season 2 Release Date

It has been a wondrous ride following this series for so long and looking back at how The World God Only Knows has impacted the anime community, it’s not far off to say that it changed harem anime as we know it. Showing that you don’t need to show girls in suggestive situations all the time in order to provoke entertainment or emotion into your harem. Sometimes all you really need is genuine emotion and intelligent comedic writing to create a meaningful love story. Or in this case multiple love stories.

Now the story has focused on the Goddess Arc of the manga, which a lot of people have criticized this aspect due to the fact that it skipped a large portion of the manga to get to this point. Which brings up the point that should always be said when judging a show based on a source material: Always judge a show based on its own merits rather than how well it follows the source material. What’s more important is how it keeps telling the story in a concise and detailed matter that is true to the spirit of the manga rather than how specific scenes followed the manga well. In Megami-hen’s case, the pacing and how they develop the story, while not necessarily perfect in some areas, complement each other extremely well in terms of emotion and clarity. While it does jump around in certain areas a little too fast, especially in the later episodes, it doesn’t deter the show from having an emotional impact whenever it is on-screen.

There will no doubt be a lot debate with this season in particular. Whether you agree that watching the show and criticizing it for not following certain things correctly in the source material is a valid reason of not liking it or not, you have to set aside that in the back door and appreciate the show on its own merits. This is what all the seasons were building up on and the end result was most definitely worth the wait. There are moments in the anime that will make you remember certain moments for years to come whether it was something that made you laugh with exquisite delight or cry with overall genuine emotion. For me, this one line in the show is the one that will stick with me for years after watching it: “You don’t need a reason to fall in love.” Words of wisdom by Chihiro.

I hope there will be a second season for this lovely anime.