Inazuma Eleven Go season 5 Release Date

Inazuma Eleven Go season 5 Release Date

“Inazuma Eleven Go”, kinda like a spin-off show of Inazuma Eleven, but with grown-up characters…

Inazuma Eleven GO! isn’t as good as the original, but it’s still fun. It’s ten years after the original and soccer is run by Fifth Sector, who decides who wins and who loses in advance. To go against them is to get your school shut down… apparently. Yeah, it’s dumb. Dumb like a fox! But half the fun of this show is how dumb it is. It’s good-naturedly silly and they do try so very hard. The beginning is hard going since nobody but Tenma is willing to challenge Fifth Sector so there’s a lot of whining, but once that’s over with the plot is as fun as the other series.

It does have two major problems however.

First off there are the Avatars. These basically take the place of the hissatsu techniques, although they have a few of those as well. but the difference is they’re just not as fun. Instead of shouting some random Engrish word and having magic appear they now shout out said name and a giant creature appears behind them to fight for them. It’s less fun and more easily exhausted, especially since they don’t have more than one animation which takes forever and seems to need to be replayed every time.

Secondly there are the characters. I have no problem with Tenma. Even if he is an Endou knockoff he’s a good one. There’s also Tsurugi, who has the amazing ability to play soccer without taking his hands out of his pockets, Shinsuke, who is like a pink bouncy Yoda, and Shindou, whose ability to direct players through music makes him an awesome captain. They’re all good. They’re also the only characters in it. The other teammates get no screentime and no personality. Even these guys have precious little to do except for Tenma, and most of his story is over once he gets everyone on his side. The villains are disposable too, and rushed through too fast to have any sense of drama. In general the fights seemed rushed too, as if they couldn’t bother to put any effort into them. I suppose the formula had to dry up sometime.

So if you liked the original you’ll probably like this one. There are already tons of installments for this franchise and I doubt that they will release another one again.