Hayate no Gotoku! Season 5 release date

Hayate no Gotoku!Season 5 release date

If you’re reading this review, you’ve probably seen the 52 episodes of season 1, the 25 episodes of season 2, the 12 episodes of season 3, and if you’ve ever gotten around to it, the movie. But none of this is quite as disappointing as season 4, labeled “Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties” and revolving around random events within the lives of the girls of Ayasaki Hayate’s harem. I really hope I’m finished watching one of my favorite anime shows plummet to the ground and hopefully if they ever get around to producing a Season 5, it’ll get back into continuing where the manga left off.

I am one of the majorities who’s hoping “the end of the world” arc to be animated. But right now, I don’t care anymore. The franchise now feels like a cinematic poison. No Parody. No supernatural powers. No narrator (especially this). Only a show where cute girls doing cute things going to the beach, taking a bath, or anything else with no development whatsoever. With something like “cuties” you can judge the series by its cover and it’s absolutely worse than anything you can possibly imagine.

There isn’t really a story to “cuties”. It just takes off several episodic arcs in the manga and makes fun of them; each episode are standalone and focuses on the slice of life of each character in the series. The issue is the humor is extremely boring. It’s as if the writer threw whatever terrible into the series that they could find and made fun of them at surface level without putting any actual thought into it. There is nothing clever here. Hey, Nagi sure does like to play video games and is defendant on modern technology. That’s funny right? Oh Hinagiku gets embarrassed when people confront her on her feeling towards Hayate. That’s gold mine of Humour!

What about the characters then, well the disadvantage of “cuties” lies from the fact that all its characters have already been introduced. Cuties acted as a taster dish serving for many fan-favorite chapters, but not the chapters we truly deserve. Characters like Athena and Ruka has already introduced, so if you go in blind, “cuties” just like eye candy with no purpose or meaning.

The fact that the story is dull and meaningless wouldn’t sting quite so much if anything of worth were done with the art style and the music. Hell, the animation for the entire show is unacceptable even when compared to something like Aku no Hana or Anime around 2000’s. The characters designs are look skinny, the head is bigger than the body and their movement is so unrealistic and CG is laughable in every aspect of the word. The music even more worst, which is extremely boring and none of them is unforgettable (though there is some that is okay to me). The only good thing about this show is the voice acting yet it is still the same cast to the original series.

Hayate no Gotoku “cuties” has drama, romance comedy and focuses on the relationship of the haremate towards Hayate, but it does so in a really roundabout way that fails to be absorbing or trigger any sort of emotions whatsoever.

If this gets a season 5, I hope they will bring back what it is really about.