Hataraku Maou-sama season 2 Release Date

Hataraku Maou-samaseason 2 Release Date

Unholy burger and fries. I would sure love to try them.

Ultimate comedy. That’s what Hataraku Maou-sama is. I like to divide the comedy genre into two types when it comes to it and the anime series in general: the first one is the comedy flow that is present through the entire series. It is there to make the series a bit brighter, to bring some more energy and by coincidence, to make us smile every once in a while. The second one tends to focus on separate scenes rather than bringing the quirky atmosphere. It focuses on jokes and scenes that make us not only smile, but laugh. From sadistic to well-planned situations alike, that would be the general purpose of the second type – making us laugh. Hataraku Maou-sama is the second type. Furthermore, it is extremely successful.

While I scrolled through the list the title is was caught my eye, “The Devil is A part Timer”. There are many thoughts that came to mind so I decided to please my curiosity. From the start to finish the plot flows in a consistent manner. The characters development is great despite the short amount of episodes that are allotted (13). The animation is great as well as a decent english dubbed version (which really helped me, lmao).

I enjoyed this show very much and was interesting to watch and as soon as 1 episode finished I could not wait for the next episode. This is a funny show with brilliant comedy, animation and characters and good music with a solid story to hold it together. There is a big chance for a season 2, as we all know many are waiting for it.