Haiyore! Nyaruko-san season 3 Release Date

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san season 3 Release Date

2014 couldn’t start better!!

I have watch a lot of different anime, and I have a taste for lots of different things on anime, I like smart, well thought, with character and story plots anime… and I like anime that doesn’t care about those 4 points I just stated but that still entertains you! IF BY ANY MEANS you are looking for any one of those 4 points in this series, I suggest you just skip it! This is crazy Japanese harem madness (generally harems aren’t much my thing, but this anime is a few of those exceptions)!! Almost nothing, if something at all, that happens in Nyaruko-san series is on check with reality!! Truly a Japanese anime, they don’t hold anything back on this (don’t expect this to be a ecchi show like To LOVE-Ru thought, Xebec another production), I have watch all of To LOVE-Ru anime, and if you had like that, probably you will like this.

This is one of the shows where you can just relax and anticipate. This is not one of your romantic comedy, but a great parody comedy. The anime provides light romantic scenes for those who are interested in the romantic genre. There will be many references for those who are experienced anime watchers and there are common references from previous anime throughout this year and last year. There are many fun filled adventures that kept me watching this anime.

The story here is just supporting all the comedy, light romance, jokes and gags that Haiyore! throws at you. You got the male guy (Mahiro), this time a tsun tsun one… and his adventures with 3 different deities, based of “The Cthulhu Mythos” based on H. P. Lovecraft universe, so these deities are supposed to be very ugly and disfigured… but you get 3 cute girls… wait one of them, it is a guy…

I already knew almost the entire cast, I enjoyed season 1, and I wanted more of that craziness comedy satire stuff, so when I started watching Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W, I got large doses of that!! And in the end, I have felt realized from what I wanted to get from Nyaruko-san W anime, and I do wish for a season 3! I mean like.. WHO DOESN’T?