Haitai Nanafa season 3 release date

Haitai Nanafa season 3 release date

Haitai Nanafa is one of those micro-series with 3-5 minutes episodes that few people notice (yes, you are part of an exclusive group for even reading this. lmao), so it’s rather hard to make a very fathomable article about it. That’s not an issue, though, for me. HAHA.

The series is lively and cute, but it actually tries to entertain instead of depending solely on the moe factor. Of course, it’s impossible to ignore the appeal of young girls from different ages to a certain… peculiar public, but really, there’s more to Haitai Nanafa than being a lolicon bait. Most episodes can put at least an innocent smile on the viewer’s face or provide a warm feeling of joy, while others are downright hilarious. Fun for the whole family guaranteed!

The visuals may remind of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita with its colorful palette and there are also strange beings which cause mischief, but don’t expect something similar thematically. Haitai Nanafais just a simple, unpretentious way to spend a few minutes, ideal if you need a break from all the pressure and speed of the real life.

A minor issue is the ending, which insists on following the old pattern of introducing some (forced) drama to create a climax. It’s a 3 minutes episode series about some kids and funny spirits, for heaven’s sake, you don’t need a spectacular conclusion for that, especially if it’s going to be extremely predictable. An amusing scenario with a well thought punchline in the last episode would be much more appreciated.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend this for pretty much anyone. It’s not like you are taking the risk of wasting your life by watching this. Lmao. Hope this gets a third season.