Gatchaman Crowds Season 2 Release Date

Gatchaman CrowdsSeason 2 Release Date

It’s a strange feeling when I think that a series would’ve done better if it were a different genre. Am I the only one? I’ve only ever felt that way about one anime, and it’s this one: Gatchaman Crowds. It had a lot of good points going for it, from its unique art to the lovable characters, but there were a few things that kept me from enjoying it to its fullest potential. Namely, the storyline.

Right from the beginning, Gatchaman Crowds starts off on a unique foot with the eccentric main character, Hajime, obsessing over her planners. Shortly after, she meets a very tall, god like fellow who bestows upon her the powers of a Gatchaman: “the wings that protect the planet.” It wastes no time jumping into the action after that, when Hajime witnesses her senpai Sugane fighting a “Mess”. It grabbed my attention right from the start, however, the story only went downhill from there. Without revealing any spoilers, there was a plot point involving the “Mess” that made absolutely no sense whatsoever that was never explained or brought up again. The rest of the episodes had high and low points, with the last few being quite good, which is why I’m giving the story a six instead of a five.

Gatchaman Crowds crafts its character artistically with their character designs. Hajime looks like a normal girl but her transformation can be described by more than just fascinating. There are the battles with CG elements added in that could have mixed results depending on your preferences. The futuristic setting also looks consistent where viewers can tell that its technology is beyond our times. Otherwise, Pai-man’s character design makes him look less menacing as compared to the rest. Also, expect some a little of ‘fan service’ from Utsu-utu especially when she is wearing nothing but a bikini like outfit out in the open.

I hope there will be another round, season 2, for this good anime.