Futari wa Milky Holmes Season 4 Release Date

Futariwa Milky Holmes Season 4 Release Date

As a rule of thumb, the longer a media franchise remains active, the more likely it is to gravitate away from its original charm points. Granted, change or experiments are never necessarily a bad thing, but in the case of Milky Homes, they’ve overstayed their welcome shortly after they arrived.

Maybe my excitement got the better of me this time, but for those of you who saw the original two seasons that came before Futari wa Milky Holmes, as much as I want to recommend a NEW Milky Holmes to you, it’s not that easy. This season is radically different. It’s boring, it does not retain any comedy, and it’s really difficult to enjoy. There are 6 episodes left, so hopefully there’s something to look forward to within 6 12-minute episodes, but as far as what I’ve seen, there’s no salvaging the old seasons and there’s no guarantee that things will even begin to pick up in a more favorable direction.

Futari, as its name suggests, stars two spunky aspiring Detective lolis. The story revolves around them solving crime (which is apparently detective slang for “physical violence” in this show) under a secret identity, incurring the wrath of the local Phantom Thief group, as well as a certain drill-haired police detective. In a way, the existence of new protagonists was the show’s initial warning signal, signifying that this might not have been the classic Milky Holmes coveted by its fans. “Where are the Milky Homles?” “Where is G4?” “Who are Arsene’s breasts?”. Such questions may arise. As previously mentioned, though, change is never necessarily a bad thing. Some modifications of the cast are not nearly enough to bring a show to ruins, much less a franchise… and thankfully, every relevant character from the previous seasons appears in one way or another, but that’s a story for another paragraph.

The setting of Yokohama definitely allows for stories that are more than just whacky lolis like the Milky Holmes doing funny things, but for it to work successfully, it needs to be approached with the proper mindset; one that’s aware of how the Milky Holmes universe is insane enough to gave birth to a character capable of using his erect nipples as swords (LMAO), and takes advantage of that insanity.

I do hope this insane anime will get a fourth season!