Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Season 2 Release Date

DansaiBunri no Crime Edge Season 2 Release Date

Haimura Kiri looks like an ordinary boy from the outside but he is actually a person with a hair cutting obsession, and a severe one at that. He wants to cut sweet lady hair to satisfy himself and for that purpose he carries a scissor always. For his fondness for cutting hair has led him to a series of unexpected events stuffed in a peculiar story.  And one day he meets The Queen of Hair- a girl who couldn’t cut her hair. Sounds like a perfect match right? 

With a unique storyline and engaging characters, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge is definitely an anime worth watching.

It might seem complicated and complex at first, but the anime runs on a simple and easy to understand plot, which allowed me to get used to the characters without focusing too much on trying to figure out the plot. It got a bit predictable towards the end, but there are plenty of unexpected surprises that make up for it. The episodes all felt connected, and the right amount of comedic moments were mixed in with action scenes, yet the plot continuously moved on. Some topics explored in the anime may make some people uncomfortable, but can usually be overlooked. Overall, the ending was pretty good and delivered enough closure, but it hinted at a second season that has yet to be announced (unfortunately).

Honestly speaking, this is one of my favorite animes by far. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have too many triggers they need to be wary of, and I think that many people would enjoy this series. Everyone I’ve recommended this anime to so far has come back to be with positive response. Unfortunately, the fanbase for this anime isn’t very large since it’s not that popular, but hopefully people will continue to enjoy it. I hope this gets a second season.