Danchi Tomoo Season 2 Release Date

Danchi Tomoo Season 2 Release Date

A heartwarming and sometimes nonsense comedy about an elementary school boy Tomoo Kinoshita – that it what this anime’s synopsis says. Pretty lame, right?

Danchi Tomoo is based on a manga of the same name by Tobira Oda. The publication began in 2004 on Big Comic Spirits and is still ongoing.

Tomoo is a kid living in a complex apartment with his mother and big sister. His father is always away because of work. MyAnimeList tells you that Danchi Tomoo is a comedy. LMAO. And it is a comedy, but what makes the anime and the manga really interesting and great are the bittersweet moments. Danchi Tomoo is filled with them. Cutiieee!

It’s a show about childhood and one can’t avoid to feel nostalgic. Remembering how we used to act will always give us that yearning and sentimental feeling. Plus, the jokes are funny but takes you back, so there is always a few memories pressing your heart when you are laughing. Japanese childhood is very much alike childhood in many other places, after all. Everyone agrees with me, right?

Tomoo is the average kid with a good heart. He is not good in sports and his grades are not the best, but he is so spontaneous and his emotions come out so easily (especially about his father) that you can’t avoid rooting for him and hope he will grow up to be a happy and fulfilled adult someday.

I enjoyed the two-stories per episode feature of this show. Some might find this pretty lame but I guess it gave me a satisfaction an everyday-life-of-a-boy does not usually give. I hope this gets a second season, this really gives me a pinch in my kid heart.