Brother’s Conflict Season 2 Release Date

Brother’s Conflict Season 2 Release Date

You have the brothers. Some who like basketball. Some who like video games. One who is a superstar and another who is a transvestite.

Hey there! So I just got done watching Brothers Conflict, the shoujo anime of the summer season 2013. So in Brothers Conflict we are following Ema Hinata, a young girl of 16 years old that decided to live with her 13 so called ‘siblings’ and here is where the trouble begins.

Though throughout this anime my opinion of cute and annoying have been dramatically redefined. Chi/Ema offers nothing to the story, she rarely does anything to actually seduce these boys and does nothing when they start falling at her feet. What we experience throughout this anime is the progression of love, awaiting the response to the many confessions this girl receives.

All of the brothers however, despite their likes and clothing preferences make the same cheesy moves on the main character Chi and then expect us to be surprised when the grab her by the arm and pull her against them for a dramatic and passionate…hug? Yeah, that all you’re really gonna get. LOL.

But overall, if you ask me that’d be the proper ending of this. I really am not hoping, and there is a slim chance for a second season since this gained a little support.