Arata Kangatari Season 2 Release Date

Arata KangatariSeason 2 Release Date

The concept of two people switching places in each other’s worlds is interesting, particularly when nobody recognizes the person as being a different person. The concept is pretty unique I will say. The idea of switching roles with a different character, in a different world gives a refreshing perspective on the characters and you can feel their reactions and experiences because of this.

This is an enjoyable watch. The fantasy elements don’t feel completely contrived, and the characters are above average on the believability scale. The main character is never the whiny little baby that some people will portray him as (though he does have some issues), and he does grow and change as a person throughout the show.

To those who found Kadowaki’s hatred unbearable, I can only say this: I found it very true to life. Hatred seldom follows a logic others would understand (a concept that Jigoku Shoujo explores both thoroughly and believably). Someone may hate you for the smallest of slights, for being kind to them, or even for no reason at all. Once this person has decided to hate you it can be very difficult to avoid making things worse. If you ignore this person, he may hate you more and more. If you attempt to reconcile, HAH! your efforts may only feed his spite.

In the manga there actually happens more in the real world too, making everything a lot more interesting. But the anime adaptation.. it’s honestly not the most enjoyable thing in the world. As for my enjoyment… I liked the start, I liked the style, I liked the sound. There are characters that caught my attention to the point I might watch a second season if it comes out, hopefully.