Aku no Hana Season 2 Release Date

Aku no Hana Season 2 Release Date

“You piece of shit!” “Eat shit and die!” Nakamura constantly screams these words, or some variation of it. To whom, you ask? Mostly to Kasuga, the ever spineless and submissive male protagonist in the midst of puberty. To the audience as well, who silently watched Nakamura wither away in a boring, stagnant town, in which she chooses to embrace all that is depraved and immoral. Twisted, perverted, unnatural, yet oddly beautiful. Loathed by all who know her; loved by those who think they understand her. These are feelings towards Nakamura, or maybe befitting of the anime itself. It’s awkward. It’s dark. Frustrating at times, even. But more than anything, there is beauty beneath the decay, and yet decay lies underneath this beauty. This is Aku no Hana, a dark and perverse take on the classic adolescence story.

First I’ll address the elephant in the room that got this series so much hate: the art style. At first I couldn’t stand the art style myself. I thought it was going to ruin the series the minute I saw it, but to my own surprise I was completely wrong. After getting into the story, I felt the art style fir the show perfectly. By not having cartoon-looking characters, it made the show much more believable that these characters could possibly exist, which only makes the show even more troubling.

Next thing I want to address is the story. Right after the first episode, this show had me hooked. I found myself eager to watch the next episode right after the last.

For some, Aku no Hana is the end product of artistic vision seldom experienced in the medium of anime. A masterpiece, some will say. For others, a hit-and-miss anime. Still others, a laughable steaming pile of excrement. My verdict? Somewhere in between the first two. Aku no Hana is a veritable master of atmosphere. A King among kings. The haunting and simplistic music, the morbid art filled with decay, the ever-present feeling of dread and perversion. An orgasm of the eyes and ears that can leave you limp and wheezing. Even HD quality video and my expensive headphone, amp and DAC system couldn’t do the epxerience justice. Aku no Hana lies submersed in its own drooling pool of narcissism and sheer artistic ambition and vision. And it payed off–at least that’s what I think.

This anime is arguably the best of its season and the best in years, but I wouldn’t recommend it to most people. If you appreciate the decadent literary movement, if you thought the manga could be better, if you aren’t bothered by unattractive characters, if you’re looking for something different or more realistic, or if you are just open minded then this anime is the best! YAY! Hope this gets a second season!