Aiura Season 2 Release Date

Aiura Season 2 Release Date

Anime shorts are quickly becoming a new trend in the business, and while quite a few people see them as nothing more than exasperations and most times space consuming nonsense, it really isn’t the case, as they more than in one way help to promote the industry. They can be viewed as similar to indie developers, there are a lot of animation studios in japan but not all of them have the manpower or ability to continuously dish out 24 minute episodes for 12 weeks. Shorts give a chance for the smaller studios to make a name for themselves using very limited resources, and just as ‘The Walking Dead’, an indie game, won the 2012 VGA, some smaller companies are capable of producing something special.

Lemme start off with the characters. YAY SO SPECIAL! The characters are all very funny, all 3 of them (plus the teacher, who is like the second best teacher ever). I’m sure you’ll like all three girls.

The animation is very nice, and I like the character designs. The best part of this show though, is its opening. This is one of my favorite openings, simply for the fact that it combines crabs and Steve Jobs. The randomness! The best part is that those Jobs died of cancer, which the crab is the zodiac of.

A HELL of a lot of praise has to be given to the seiyuus, they really bought the girls alive despite all three making their debuts in this show, they are really prospective star seiyuus that we will hope to hear more from in the future, I will be lying if I said I didn’t have a nosebleed a couple of times, in short, the seiyuus were adorable.

The interaction between the girls is prime example of the phrase ‘fun to watch’; when all three are on screen the show truly sparkles, a lot of kudos has to be given to the writers for coming up with a script that flows so seamlessly and natural from line to line. Kanaka’s gags and pranks are a joy, with Saki and Ayuko’s response even more of a heart warmer. However it’s not always perfect in tinsel town; Kanaka’s baka personality isn’t always solemn as always intended, Saki’s cold attitude seems a bit antagonistic a times and Ayuko seems from time to time a bit out of place in the group, making up for a cast of slightly weak characters. However, in my opinion, the characters are purposely flawed, another impressive note the writers have managed to introduce is how one character is able more times than often, to balance or cover for another’s weakness, usually in one person’s response to another’s show of weakness. The result of this is an almost complete concealment of an individual character’s flaw and a further improvement to characterization than if the character already started out without any flaws at all.

The first sentence of the ED reads: “They were pointless conversations, but they were fun the nonetheless”, this more than explains the whole ethic of the show, a SOMEHOW directionless tale of everyday life driven by a very interesting cast of characters, slice of life has never been so adorable. I hope this gets a second season!