Uta no Prince-sama Season 4 Release Date

Uta no Prince-sama Season 4 Release Date

Ever wonder how life will be easy if dating games would be on real life? I’m pretty sure it will go to chaos. But this anime pretty much uses its origin to be hit in the big screen!

Composer Noriyasu Agematsu of the music group Elements Garden confirmed that a third anime season based on Broccoli’s Uta no Prince Sama female-oriented dating simulation games. In the slapstick romantic comedy, the female protagonist goes to a school for the performing arts with boys who are budding idols.

The original Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000% anime aired in Japan in July 2011, and ended in the September of that year. With those amazing sales which were I think twice the sales of the first season, I would have been surprised if they HADN’T announced this.

I wonder what the staff of this anime will prepare for us on if ever it will have its fourth season. But I’m pretty sure it’ll go well. How about you?

Also, out of curiosity, does the anime follow a certain route from the game? Tokiya seems fo be the most popular character among Japanese gamers. LOL.