Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

I generally try to have an open mind when it comes to anime, and when I start a new series I attempt to take as few preconceptions into it as possible.

Tokyo Ravens is surprisingly not entirely about ravens. Tokyo Ravens is about shamanism infused in the modern world. This show is apparently average at best but it did not fail to entertain me. In the end, I really enjoyed it.

The story itself, I feel is pretty unique, I rarely see any anime with elements of Shaman besides Shaman King but I will admit that I haven’t watch enough anime to actually warrant it unique. I personally like the art, animation of the characters and especially the fights, pretty well-defined and impactful.

Something that consistently annoys me about many anime is the one-dimensional supporting characters that are often present. Whether they’re there to simply fill the stereotypical niches, to be killed off for the sake of adding drama, or whatever role they’re given, side characters in many anime are simply unnecessary. Their lack of presence, importance, and screen time makes them feel hollow when compared to the main character/characters.

Tokyo Ravens, however, had a well-rounded cast of supporting characters that actually played important roles in the story, and had distinct personalities tempered by whatever problems they had/things they had experienced. Beyond the main character’s “party”, the other characters in the series felt very real in the way they were presented. Rather than trying to include a ton of other characters and explain their every facet, they were presented at face value. Many of their motivations/convictions remained unclear, which, realistically, would be the case in a conflict on the scale of the one in Tokyo Ravens. Every character in the series felt like they weren’t written into the story to make some specific part of it move forward, but were first and foremost members of Tokyo Raven’s universe who participated in the story on an equal level with the characters who got more screen-time. That gave the series a very realistic feel to me, something I don’t often get in comparable anime. I hope there will be another season.