Tokyo ESP season 2 Release Date

Tokyo ESP season 2Release Date

In a world, where penguins can take flight..
And glowing flying fish can grant people superhuman abilities..
Comes a young girl..
With the ability to walk through solid objects..
She will embark on a quest to save tokyo..
From two-face and his team of espers..
She realizes her ability is useless against them and is beaten to submission against everyone she fights with.

LMAO! I finished Ga-Rei: Zero a few days ago (enjoyed the shit out of it) and heard that Kagura and Yomi are on this Anime i thought to myself “wow really?, does this mean this is a side story or someones point of view to the GRZ story” but no they’re just there for 2 minutes and then never seen again.

Well anyway, i’ll keep the story brief. Tokyo ESP centers around a teenaged girl named Rinka Urushiba who must stop some douchebag from creating conflict between Humans and Espers. A few people are introduced and help her along the way including Peggy a flying penguin (the anime does not explain why it flies) whose main purpose is just to sadly get its ass beat by the enemy.

It takes a few episodes to realize that what I already said, it takes good examples from old animes and unfortunately fails to recreate their glory and has some incredibly corny lines now and then. What never had gotten into me is the first approach of the villains-it is not menacing it is just a girl and a huge-hulk-like guy that dress up as samurai and are able to “guide” those fishes. So yeah, that’s all i can say about Tokyo ESP not really a great Anime to watch and has quite a bit of flaws. Ga-Rei fans will be disappointed. It lacks support from the anime world and there is a slim chance for another season.


  1. the penguin was an esper thats why it could fly and remove esper abilities from other espers
    as steph says, the only thing that didn't make sense was that the penguin didnt take the abilities from defeated espers

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