Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Season 2 Release Date

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Season 2 Release Date

Avengers! Gotta catch ’em all! Simply put: Marvel meets Pokemon. LMAO.

Well here’s a surprise. Marvel Disk Wars is actually fun. Like, really really fun.

Though the set up was pretty sluggish. Over the first 3 episodes we are introduced to a myriad of superheroes, super-villains and the titular DISKs which are going to be the main source of trouble for our beloved protagonists, exploited as it was by – not so surprisingly – Loki. Cue a convenient temporal explosion and the little multicolored buggers are spread all over the world.

What makes this show decidedly more interesting than most Toei shows is that the writers benefit from the developed and mostly interesting characters from the Marvel-verse. Everything that is good about this show is from Marvel, and everything that is “Toei original” is mostly bad.

It takes further 5 to get the band back together, while bogging them down with so many rules and limitations that it’s only through the villains’ incompetence do they survive till that point.

But what make it work the best are the characters. Disparate quality of their designs aside, each of the beloved classics – heroes and villains alike – act exactly as they should. Case in point, Captain America gives a speech in Episode 2 that is so him, I almost forgot what I was watching… until anime-Hulk bounded in. 

This, of course brings us to the kids. I won’t lie, as far a bunch of stock “chosen ones” go, they are pretty likable. Even the one I thought would be the b– err… haughty rich brat, was actually quite a nice kid herself (in fact, she is now officially my favorite). It is, however, quite ironic how her and Wasp will be the token female team-up of the show. Just as ironic is that the sulky “i don’t give a damn” dude will get Captain America. Much wow indeed.

I hope there will be another season!