Houkago no Pleiades Season 2 Release Date

Wish Upon the Pleiades Season 2 Release Date

Oh my, how I love stargazing. I sort of remember my 8-year-old self when I watched magical girls gaining powers from cute creatures. Well, I’ve been hooked up by this new anime in the Spring2015.

I liked the cute plot though. One day, while visiting her school’s observatory in preparation for a meteor shower, a girl named Subaru comes across a mysterious greenhouse where she meets a frail boy. After leaving the room, finding it revert back to the observatory before her eyes, Subaru encounters a small alien-like creature and follows it to a magically sealed classroom, where she comes across a group of girls in witch outfits, including her childhood friend Aoi. The girls and the creature, revealed to be a Pleiadian and the girls’ president, notice potential in Subaru and give her a special broom, which brings her up through the clouds to a star-shaped gem that transforms her into a witch herself.

The girls soon come under attack by a fragment of the Pleiadian’s spaceship engine, which they attempt to capture but are suddenly thrown off when Subaru and Aoi argue with each other over their pasts. Encouraged by Subaru’s positive attitude, the girls make a second attempt to capture the fragment, managing to shrink it down to size, but suddenly come under attack by a mysterious cloaked figure, who steals the fragment for himself. Luckily, Subaru manages to hide the real fragments under her hat and gets to see a meteor shower up close.

This is so much fun to watch. I do hope there will be a second season for this cute anime.