High School DxD Season 4 Release Date

High School DxD Season 4 Release

High School DxD is an anime that has been praised as the best ecchi ever made, and in a way that is accurate. Seriously though, it is an ecchi. For all of you ecchi haters, stay away. Shove down your masochistic tendencies and walk away, this is not an anime you are going to enjoy.

We all know what we are getting into when we turn this show on, copious amounts of T&A. High School DxD has quickly become synonymous with that phrase. But even then, that was not the sole reason I turned this show on. I generally am the type that needs a bit more than titillating imagery to watch something. So when I heard that DxD also had this really cool story to accompany it, I was sold.

This anime stands out from the other ecchi harems that I have seen in a sense that the first season cannot really be considered a harem but rather Issei going after the female love interest Rias Gremory. Some of the other female characters do show interest such as Asia when Issei becomes more intimate with the other girls. But the real harem aspects of High School DxD show up in the second season.

High School DxD is all about mindless fun with a respectable amount of T&A. Evaluate it as a fan service focused series; it delivers on what it is, an ecchi harem comedy with angels versus devils versus fallen angles aspect (This can get pretty confusing and doesn’t make sense at times). It is a little better than average and one of the top recent series in its genre.

I am so inlove with this and I hope this would be given another chance for a fourth season! My hopes are really high for a season 4 though.