Hanamonogatari Season 2 Release Date

Hanamonogatari Season2 Release Date

Watching Hanamonogatari is like reading your favorite book on a weekend afternoon. And essentially, it is adapted from a novel written by NisiOisin. But rather than adapting it as a full TV series, Hanamonogatari debuts as a 5-episode show that offers more than just a sensational appeal to its fans. Hanamongatari (literally translated as Flower Story) is like a flower – beautiful, elegant, and has the pedals that shine like no other. For its creativity and cleverly thought out written story, we witness the story of Suruga Kanbaru and what her life is like after Koyomi Araragi graduates from high school.

Similar to the style of the previous Monogatari series, Hanamonogatari quickly takes command and lures viewers in with its cleverly constructed dialogues. The on-screen text serves as both a practice and testament to get a viewer’s attention because viewers wants to know their meaning. They also want to know their purpose, idea, and in general the message of the show is about. Directed by Tomoyuki Itamura with Akiyuki Shinbo serving as the chief director, Hanamonogatari is aimed at fans who wants to see the continuation of this franchise. It’s rather important to get yourself familiarized with the previous seasons such as Monogatari Second Series so that the experience will be that much better when venturing into this show.

It’s probably also said often that the show might not be for everyone. The style of Hanamonogatari has that avant- garde feeling with its style. But without jumping on the shark too hard, we also get a thrilling narration with referencing to the devil. Taglines such as “that person is a devilish one” and “the devil just might be me” drills a thrilling thought into a viewer’s mind. It becomes like a puzzle with pieces that fit together. And in Hanamonogatari, those pieces come together with its cleverly crafted story. For starters, the show advertises itself with Suruga Kanbaru as the main event. Sporting an athletic set of clothes and matching personality, viewers will quickly find that she has fragile part of her essence. Perhaps this could be the arm that is bandaged with a story to tell. And this is where exactly Monogatari series shine – the ability to articulate its story and tell it to the viewers with cleverness.

I’ll leave the end card here as my last memory of Hanamonogatari and Kanbaru’s journey. Just beautiful. I hope there will be another round for this anime.