Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun Season 2 Release Date

Fuun Ishin Dai ShogunSeason 2 Release Date

This anime caught my attention first via its video game based particularly its design art. I was surprise and quite dissapointed to find out that it was really a video game (hoping for a anime adaptation in the future.)

And that hoping became a reality when it was announce that an anime based on the popular video game will come in 2014…. well a huge anticipating smile on my face.

This anime is a mixed of (a bit) history, fictional storylines on robots in ancient Japan. Romantic encounters, and some legendary mystical creatures in Japanese folklore.

The series feature mechas referred to as Onigami, who are of supernatural origin, and standard man-made steam punk mecha called Steam Puppets. The main mecha of the series is Susanoo, based on the god from Japanese mythology who can turn into different forms depending on who the subpilot is. The other Onigami of the series are Hokoinkugutsu whose main weapon is a naginata and the four-armed Takemikazuchi; these Onigami are piloted by Hokoin and Shigeyoshi, respectively. The Steam Puppets consist of the Deku, used by the Nagisaki police, and Jokikugutsu, used by pirates lead by Maika and the minions of Shigeyoshi.

I hope there will be another season, though.