Duel Masters Season 4 Release Date

Duel Masters Season 4Release Date

Well, the main focus of Duel Masters is to get the 5/9 year old kids. I remember enjoying Duel Masters when I was a kid but today when I look at it, I find it mediocre. Don’t get me wrong but I really think that these shows are solely made to advertise gaming cards.

As if the Duel Masters game weren’t hard enough to understand already, the animation studio further confuses the viewer by having matches that contradict the basic rules of the game. For example, a guy can have only five shields, but in the duel that happens in the 2nd episode, a guy gets five extra shields out of nowhere. And no explanation is provided. LMAO. To be honest, the way they contradict themselves is very epic.

And oh, I know… some of you think this is a rip off of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but this is completely different. For one thing this show is funnier. Sometimes they overdo it a little bit with the jokes, but it’s still good.

Duel Masters kicks off as Widow, an evil, black-clad master of the duel, breaks a barrier between this dimension and wherever it is that the creatures from the cards hang out. This spells certain doom for the world, or at least for the subdivision where the game takes place. Knight, the do-gooder foil to Widow, recruits a team of five young players to seal the creatures back in their dimension, which is apparently done by playing loads and loads of games against various artificially intelligent opponents. Though Duel Masters has a fate-of-the-world setup, your quest will take you to such exotic locales as…the mall! The park! And, most thrilling of all, a card shop!

Stylistically, the game feels familiar and worn-out, like an image that’s been photocopied too many times. The actual card-battling mechanics have a slightly unique feel (well, atleast, for me), and the gameplay is relatively easy and straightforward, making it attractive to younger players who are looking to engage in some card-battling.

But if you ask me if there would be a continuation of this series, perhaps, there would be. And if you ask me if I will watch, I probably won’t. LOL. Of course I will.