Arslan Senki Season 2 Release Date

Arslan Senki Season 2 Release Date

My friend and I began watching this show because we’re both huge Legend of Galactic Heroes fans, and the novelist that created that show also created this one. Legend of Galactic Heroes is probably one of the best anime shows of all time; it’s a show of amazing ambition and scope that manages to blend in personal struggles, memorable characters, and a galaxy-spanning war without ever becoming unengaging to the audience.

Unfortunately, Heroic Legend of Arslan doesn’t live up to that pedigree. Well, whatever, Yoshiyuki Tomino had Garzey’s Wing, I guess Yoshiki Tanaka has Arslan.

The biggest problems I had with the series were the story, characters, and animation. I’m probably going to reference LoGH a lot to prove my points.

The story hooked me right away with the first episode. It seemed like it had the makings of a classic story – a kingdom falls, a prince vows to get the kingdom back, he gets some allies, some plot twists happen, he raises an army, and gets back the kingdom in the end.

I liked how Gieve/Guibu started picking on the people in the castle and left the party after that, because as a ministrel/bard he is just too much of a free spirit to be “caged” inside a castle for too long. I am sure in other anime, they would have made him stay or even not pick up fights, but this anime is very authentic and that is one of few factors why I put this on the top of my list.

Two films were already adapted from the manga. I am quite sure that this will become a hit and have a season 2, since the light novel series is still ongoing, believe it or not, since the last 30 years.